Kid Gorgeous

I woke up early on account of today being crazy, with every intention of composing a thought-provoking Mind of a Trevor. Instead, I watched John Mulaney’s new comedy special on Netflix, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City.

John Mulaney’s my favorite comedian. New In Town and The Comeback Kid are also amazing (and both on Netflix), but Kid Gorgeous is preposterously hilarious from minute one. It’s a flawless special. 

With my singing, songwriting and podcasting (my new podcast’s coming soon!), I’m every bit a novice. It’s humbling to say the least, especially as I’m associated with a successful band and being really good at guitar. My British Colonial self-deprecation defense mechanism prevents me from acknowledging this without shuddering, but I’m American enough to leave that shit in, and maybe even smile a little.  

Rather than resting on my laurels I suppose, I’m choosing to tackle projects that betray my being a work in progress. I love it. Watching masters of their craft like John Mulaney inspires me to take chances, grow inexorably and continue being the most bafflingly confident dude with severe scoliosis the hipster R&B world's ever known. Consider the gauntlet thrown down, Old Self!