All This Foolish Hurt

Another 1 take video for ya! 

Here's a song I wrote called "All This Foolish Hurt," thanks again to Josh Dawn for hanging out and strumming some geetar.  

The interesting thing about these daily/weekly accountability exercises is you don't notice a huge disposition change right out of the gate. In the moment, week or even month, you might even feel discouraged (I often do). But the cumulative effect's profound - after years of over-thinking and benign self-sabotage, I'm now getting projects out into the world and letting the universe dictate momentum. It feels good, and about goddamn time.  

Here's a link to the video, and lyrics below...

I was so wild, I’d lose myself out there
I was a broken hearted symptom of despair
if there was a moment where I could change my world
and hide away from all this foolish hurt
go up and away
up and away, fly
up and away, fly higher

Angel, you must promise me
that, when you see the things I’ve seen
you won’t ever need to feel alone
If you don’t want two, there’s nothing wrong with one
be worry free and have some fun
but know that heartbreak’s where the soul will grow

out of denial, I spread my cautious wings
content that I knew nothing about almost everything
I made a conclusion, I’m tired of looking down
I have no greed, I do not need that treasure underground
go up and away
up and away, fly
up and away, fly higher

You can hide for only so long
before the soullessness calls
and the game’s put on pause
you can cry out into the night
but there’s no guarantee
the friend that you need will be me