Thanks, Bono

“The thing about good ideas is they get better by themselves.”

I think Bono may have said this, which means I’m quoting Bono. Jesus Chirst.

But many a profundity’s come from tiny Irish dudes, and I gotta say Mr. Hewson’s onto something.

A common question during Monday’s panel at MusicBiz2018 was “how do I recognize the right thing to do?” The marketing dude, after all, is assuring you that marketing’s the answer and therefore so is insert arbitrary metric. The touring guru is throwing all those sorta numbers around, and everyone else can go shit in a field. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and which data matters? 

What I do know is when you stumble upon something that’s undeniably you, and unique and powerful therein, it’s impossible keeping that idea on the back burner for very long. A great idea seldom follows the epiphanic script you've laid out all meticulous n' shit, and before you know it awesome people are pulled into it's orbit, kindred spirits who scrutinize your every creative step, reminding you that you’re a douchebag, albeit a lovable one. You're inundated by their legendary chants. "When're you putting it out?" "When're you booking a show?" "Fucking COME ON already!" When these people are excited, you've struck gold.

The business is really easy, and the analytics useful, when the idea's in control and the art's honest. As entrepreneurial musician types, let's hold ourselves accountable to sucking publicly, chasing rabbits down various holes and not being afraid to quote diminutive Irishmen.