Spin Classes

I was hanging out with friends a few nights ago - properly adult friends with stable careers and sensible cars - and the conversation ping-ponged between public vs. private kindergarten, aggressive vs. conservative stocks, and something called “capital gains,” which is clearly made up. Eventually, it’s my turn to contribute, and I offer what I believe is necessary and edifying cultural commentary - there’s this talentless ass-clown named Tekashi69, a shitty DMX ripoff who looks like a snow cone with face tats, and his videos have like 150mm views. How does this happen?! Isn’t new media wild?! 

Crickets. The conversation inelegantly segues to comparing spin classes.

These types of exchanges used to bother me, because what the hell am I doing, really? After all these years, I still don't have an answer. But I do know that the accumulated uncertainties, rejections and upheavals that fuel an artist's lunatic, peripatetic existence add up to my being happy. Weird, right? Am I a free spirit? Benignly sociopathic? A glutton for punishment? Probably a little bit of all these, on a good day. So, hooray! Today, I'm happy, and ideally that carries over into tomorrow. Hopefully this gives a new song permission to peak from behind the cognitive cloud cover and wave hello.

And I probably should join a spin class.