One Take Wednesday!

It feels awesome getting One Take Wednesday up and running again after FINALLY kicking this nuclear flu.

I wrote “Saint In Simple Clothes” a few months back. I couldn’t tell you what it’s about exactly, but I like the title and the lyrics are fun to sing. Honestly, that’s all that matters - what the fuck does “Smells Like Teen Spirit” mean, anyway?

There're a couple bridges floating around for this song, and I decided to use what I’ve dubbed the Shadow Bridge. Listening back now, I think I’ll sub it out for the aptly monikered Power Bridge when I record full-band, but given the solo acoustic vibes I dig the ominous, add9-y-ness the Shadow Bridge invites.  

And that’s why I love this project - the goal isn’t perfection, but rather the real-time exploration of creativity and sharing with people who watch as much Dr. Who as I do.


Here’s a link to the video



slow down, in and around a bittersweet insanity

I know now why I never lie in threes

'cause one out of two will always bring them to their knees

I hope you will never be like me


a new game, one in the same, I don't know what's here for me

my own name lives on in anonymity

unless I change, and misdirect the mystery

not everyone is lost who wanders


I believe in the broken hearted silence of a man

I know that he's owed more than a broken promise

doing the best he can

I believe there's a restless warrior hidden in our souls

eager to fight for what he knows is right

a saint in simple clothes


my shadow and me

do battle in dreams


slow down, in and around a bittersweet insanity

not everyone is lost who wanders