Just Believing's Enough

Someone asked me recently how she could support her fiancé, a “struggling artist."

I get what she's trying to say, but it's important understanding that, as artists, it’s in our nature to struggle, or more aptly endure. It's kinda the whole gig.  

Maybe the struggle’s just discovering a usable idea, or building an audience that requires more than two hands to tally up. Maybe it's getting a comma in the bank account. If we're lucky, we never run out of challenges.  

Throughout it all, the work sustains us - huddled over desks, teeth chattering from too much burnt coffee, pouring our hearts out on paper and weaving melodies through elusive chord changes. We’ll work shitty jobs, live in near squaller, withstand rejection after rejection, staying true to ourselves through shifting trends and fickle attention spans. We’ll tolerate good ol’ fashioned assholes misjudging their fifteen minutes as the new way of the world. We're maniacs, all of us.

Just tell us you believe in us. That's it. Creating’s a lonely job, and knowing someone believes goes a long way. No long speeches necessary. Just believing’s enough.