The Legend of Zack Pancoast

There’s a lot of buzz here in Nashville over the new Kacey Musgraves record, Golden Hour, and for good reason - it’s an outstanding record from top to bottom, encouragingly melancholy, and if you’re looking for a review the internet’s full of ‘em. Go nuts, but be sure to listen to the entire record first with headphones before landing in a particular hipster camp.

It is, like I said, a great record, but what’s coolest for me is my pal and the assistant engineer on the upcoming Allen band record, Zack Pancoast, worked on Golden Hour. Zack Pancoast in one of the house engineers at Sound Emporium (my favorite studio in town), which means he’s been involved with every cool record that’s come out of Music City over the past few years. The man’s a ninja in converse, wielding his nerdiness with aplomb and effortless charisma. He’s one of those young, ambitious and gifted dudes who you know will be running this industry in ten years. I should’ve brought him a fruit basket or something during our sessions. 

Congrats, Zack, and the entire studio team - Golden Hour is an inspiring record. Kacey Musgraves and her band are fighting the good fight in Country music, and it’s awesome to behold.