I was asked a series of questions about this newsletter, and figured I’d take a stab at answering a couple, and maybe a few more tomorrow.  

How do I write everyday? 

I just do it. I spend less time writing than the average person spends on YouTube, probably. I write this literally first thing in the morning, sitting up in bed, drinking coffee, time I used to spend watching NBA highlights or Larry David interviews. I love writing, but it’s a hobby - a “side hustle” as they say in my business - and I’ll never spend more time writing than being a musician. All I’ve done is subbed out Larry David complaining about pomegranates for Big Country boiling roadkill.

Why do I write everyday?

I kinda addressed this in a previous post. And I believe writing’s powerful. I don’t just write the Mind of a Trevor. I’m constantly drafting business plans, project roadmaps and a whole whack of emails to managers, labels, clients, etc. Writing, in some form or another, is at the core of the Thing We Do, and the more fluently we communicate, the clearer our thinking and understanding of what’s important becomes. 

I also believe the world needs our stories. Comedian John Mulaney, honoring David Letterman at the Mark Twain Awards, describes Letterman’s show as reminding us that “our weird lives are just as funny as show business.” I love this. At what point is your story interesting? When you’re photoshopped on a magazine cover? Married into the Kardashian family? Selling out arenas? Fuck that. We’re all miraculous, hilarious and worthy of a few hundred words every once in a while.

The Mind of a Trevor’s a two-way street. I write, you read and occasionally respond. Really, I just hope you guys are entertained for a few minutes everyday, and whenever you do respond it invites new dialogue, insight and perspective. And I know several readers have started their own blogs and newsletters inspired by my humble offering. So cool! Sharing, unafraid and unapologetically, is how we make sense of our time on this spinning orb. We’re just improbably intelligent chimps made of stardust, after all. Let’s help each other out.

I present a moving target with this thing - reptilian overlords, lunatic hillbillies, Al Stone Band stories interspersed with incoherent-yet-earnest ramblings - and that can be a big ask. Thanks for following along. I dig that this is my bar where I get to be the bartender. Any and all are welcome.