Second Guessing's a Good Thing

I really enjoy writing this newsletter every morning. 

I’d originally intended this to be a daily accountability exercise, existing on my laptop, for my eyes only. Maybe I’d read through at the end of the year and get a better sense of where I’d come from and where I’m going. Posting online, much less encouraging people to subscribe, never occurred to me until it was pointed out I'm unphased looking like a buffoon in public. 

Which is true. I think this is a reaction to my early 20’s, where I lost years of my professional life to over-thinking. Sounds melodramatic maybe, but for a long time I just didn’t put anything out. I was afraid of failing. If you’d asked me, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what “failing” meant exactly, or success for that matter. 

What I tell young artists now is second guessing’s a good thing, you’d be a sociopath if you didn’t doubt yourself. You second guess because you care, about making good art, about protecting your heart. That’s so important. It’s precisely because you care that the world needs your voice. You're not an asshole! Hooray! So, share your art. You can’t put out song thirty without first releasing song one. And it’ll be fine. See? No one’s bitten your head off, called you a fraud, dragged your name through the mud. Share your art.

A friend of mine, who also keeps up a daily email newsletter, recently sent out his 1000th post. 1000 days in a row. Wild. Where will I be after day 1000?

I’m grateful for this humble little newsletter, keeping me present, engaged, evolving, and receptive to beautiful things.