A Year Ago Today

It was a year ago today that I thought it might be fun to writing something every day.

I’d been following Fred Wilson’s excellent daily newsletter on venture capital for several months and appreciated how his entries were whatever they needed to be on the day - lengthy financial analysis, commentary on baseball, technology reviews, whatever he found interesting. VC’s a field for which I have zero acumen, but I enjoyed the window into his vastly different world. And the crazy bastard’s been writing every day for FIFTEEN YEARS.

I guess the MoaT’s ostensibly about music, but really it’s an exercise in winging it, and letting go of the fear of sounding, in all likelihood, like an asshole.

Perhaps the most valuable thing writing every day’s taught me is you don’t need a plan - in fact, it’s probably better if you don’t have one. Better to get started, however humbly, and keep hurling things in the vicinity of whatever you perceive the strike zone to be until you look up and realize that, on dozens of occasions, you’ve paid unironic homage to a walking Buddha masquerading as a toothless, hillbilly sociopath.

This has been a fun journey. Thanks for following allow.