Thank You

When I started writing this newsletter on January 1st, I didn’t have an objective in mind other than following through on a thing I said I was going to do. Writing a little something everyday seemed like the perfect, low-key vehicle for rejuvenating my creativity, and maybe I’d churn out some marginally readable sentences in the process. 

Writing everyday’s kept me present through extreme circumstance, illness, jet lag, and innumerable existential crises. It’s become an integral part of my day, and I plan on continuing indefinitely.

And, much to my pleasant surprise, there are more subscribers then can be counted on one hand. Thanks to your feedback and following along, I’ve never felt more inspired to write and share music, and embrace what feels like an exciting new chapter.  

I hope you all are enjoying rest, relaxation, and time with loved ones, or at least tolerable acquaintances. Thank you for finding my intellectual punching underwater entertaining. It means the world.