Fixed Knees

Show 47 of 49 at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, WA, a benefit for our TM/my personal hero Ryan “Bear” Drozd’s LONG overdue knee surgery.

Touring is a tough line of work. It breaks down your body, fries your patience, and takes you away from home for months on end with precious little financial reward. Our healthcare system is broken, and that we can throw this show together last minute, sell it out, and donate every last dollar to the hardest working person in the world so he can, you know, FIX HIS BODY FOR CHRIST’S SAKE makes us very happy.

By the time you read this, Swatkins and the Positive Agenda (featuring the Allen Stone Band) will have opened the show, and I will have played a new song called “Neverland,” coming out in early 2019. Thank you for either a) cheering for what was, frankly, the best 40 mins in the Wild Buffalo’s history, or b) not pelting us with unseasonal fruit.

And, of course, the Allen Stone Electric Ensemble will play a no doubt, ahem, “loose” set, on account of celebration being in the air.

Thank you, Bear, for your tireless work ethic and being a tough-as-nails motherfucker. Now, get your goddamn knee fixed.