Gallows Humor

Show 46 of 49, and I’m having trouble focusing my eyes. Bodes well for my guitar solos tonight. People of Victoria, BC, you’ll be reading this long after the show’s over, and please know that I’m sorry, and that I know that one song doesn’t go like that. 

But, fortified by eight nights in a row of watching Point Break and an exquisitely degenerate gallows humor, the crew’s going strong(ish), beleaguered and publicly flatulent but unbreakable. Tim “Tim” Burke, our production manger, currently is dangling from his bunk, mumbling “spinal decompression” in between fits of laughter, but I have every confidence he’ll take the kick drum down in my ears if I ask.

So here we are, limping towards the finish line, enjoying our descent into lunacy while luxuriating in the knowledge that everyone on this team is uniquely, absurdly gifted. So what if I’ve been staring zombie-like at the same Cheez It package for the past 10 minutes? It’s going to be a good night.