Ryan Drozd is a Legend

I’m writing this on our lunch break, hastily gobbled pizza sitting less-than comfortably in my belly. Los Angeles is still resplendently polluted, the set’s coming together, and Ryan “Bear” Drozd remains the greatest tour manager in the known universe.

What does a tour manager do, exactly? In short, everything. Think of every responsibility you’ve ever had, juggle them simultaneously under retina-detaching stress levels, and extrapolate that times however many numb-nutted degenerates are in your touring party.

Bear begins working the minute he wakes up. He doesn’t stop working until he falls asleep, usually in front of his laptop. Advancing with venues, coordinating travel logistics and tech specs, guest list requests, making sure catering has a gluten free option…the list goes on and on and on and holy jesus I’m breaking out in a flop sweat just thinking about it. And, as if this wasn’t enough, he’s not exactly dealing with Navy SEALs - we’re all delicate flowers, needy and incapable of holding down real jobs, so this Herculean workload must be undertaken with a smile on his face and a song of infinite patience in his heart, even when he wants to light us all on fire for asking about the wifi password.

Tour managing’s an impossible job, and therefore an equally impossible superhero’s required. Enter Ryan “Bear” Drozd. And he says it’s good.