Carter Adams is a Legend

Behold, Carter “Sick Dabs” Adams in his natural habitat. 

It takes about an hour to program one minute’s worth of lighting. Yes, you read that correctly. Given we’re at about a two hour set right now, you do the math - it’s a work load that’d make Elon Musk quake in his snakeskin boots. And we’re apt to improvise, so Carter’s gotta play the lighting rig like an instrument in real time, calling audibles based on the whims of five imbeciles. Scarily enough, he’s as good a musician as he is an LD, and more than adequate to the task.

I’ve never met anyone more capable of hunkering down and putting in an 18 hour day like it’s nothing. Carter’s infinitely patient and in every way the Mountain GOAT. Grateful he’s on this crew.