A Perfect Nerdborg


I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolution guy.  I’d like to think it’s because I’m the embodiment of human efficiency, a perfect nerd cyborg hybrid (nerdborg?) of Bill Gates and David Goggins.  

Sadly, no.  What’s closer to the truth is my high fructose corn syrup addiction, love affair with graphic novels and obsession with Lars Ulrich interviews on YouTube conspire to demolish any workflow or curiosity beyond determining whether it’s a Red Hot or Very Cherry Jelly Belly I’m eating.  Goddamn things look identical.  

Like many musicians, a main reason why I got into this business was so I wouldn’t have anything to do before 5pm.  “I’ve never had a real job” was a favorite sound bite for a long time, something I wore as a badge of honor along with billowing khakis and the Same H&M Hoodie Everyday.  

I’ve experienced some neat successes over the past several years- which is great, obviously- but a tragic side effect is having to drag my ass up in the morning and actually get shit done.  And here I am, at the Red Bicycle in Nashville TN, sipping a cappuccino at 7 o’clock in the morning, writing this thing.  It’s where I’ll be every morning unless I’m traveling, because I promised myself I’d write something everyday and don’t want to drop the ball- that part’s super important, the accountability. 

And you guys subscribed.  On the internet no less, where there are videos of puppies doing all manner of adorable shit.  Or Lars Ulrich interviews.  You have infinite access to anything, and you chose to follow me.  Thank you, sincerely.  

It’s not a resolution per se, but I’m making an effort to spend a few minutes every morning reflecting on three things I’m thankful for.  Rarely are they big things.  Rather, they’re fun, tiny details that keep me firmly planted in the present.  I’d like to share them with you each day.  Here goes…

Today, I’m thankful for:


Holy smokes what a beverage.  I even like the acidic film a strong cap leaves in my mouth.  I’m that broken.

-This finely lacquered hipster table in the coffeeshop.  

To complete the picture, I’m wearing a fedora, thick rimmed glasses and Chuck Taylors.  Sigh.  Anyway, I dig this table, it looks like something a bleary eyed hipster should be slumped over, silently pecking away at a keyboard.  It brings balance to the Force.

-The employees, at work since 4am, misspelled “dishes” over the bus tub.  

“Dishs.”  Amazing.  

There’s a lot on my plate in the New Year, and this Mind of a Trevor project’s already centering me and providing focus first thing in the AM.  Thank you again for signing up early.  Like I said in yesterday’s post, if these daily blurbs inspire a discreet workplace chuckle, well, that’s inbox real estate well occupied.

Jan 4!  What a day!