The Mind of a Trevor

Happy 2018, folks!  

Today’s actually the perfect day to launch this daily email newsletter/blog- I’m feeling a little under the weather, travel weary (having just arrived back on the mainland a couple days ago), and generally pissed off by the EIGHTY DEGREE temperature change from the Big Island to Nashville.  I’ve spent most of December in flip-flops with Guava smeared all over my sunburned jowls, and now this?!  Anyway, this is exactly the kind of day I’d ordinarily invent some nonsense justification for how I’ve earned, after THREE WEEKS of vacation, the right to fritter away the day watching Lars Ulrich interviews on YouTube.  But oh no my friends, gone are those halcyon days.  Here I am, dosed up on Theraflu, pecking away at my laptop, getting this project underway.

I write everyday anyway so, I’ll be honest, this project isn’t as much of an undertaking as it may seem (sorry, feel free to unsubscribe if that’s a deal breaker haha).  In some form or another, writing’s how I keep my ol’ noggin’ on straight, and life always makes a hell of a lot more sense when whatever’s rattling around inside is out in the open.  

I’m actually really looking forward to this project.  I like the transparency and accountability.  Like most musicians, I love and overuse analogies, especially sports analogies, and it was put to me recently that you should think about any project like beating a team by four points every quarter.  It’s not sexy, glamorous, or highlight worthy but, by the end of the game, you’ve won by sixteen.  It’s a blow out.  When I look at the successes in my career, they’re all earned by slowly and methodically chipping away until I look up one day and, hey!, I’m playing a festival in France with Stevie Wonder.  HUH?!  How did that happen?   

That’s my goal here- consistency, attainability and not pulling my metaphorical hamstring two minutes in. 

Thanks again for subscribing, and I get it- this is daily thing, which is a lot, and I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe.  But I’m having a ton of fun writing this and, while I hope this is by no means a highlight of your day, if these posts inspire a discreet workplace chuckle, well, that’s inbox real estate well occupied.

January 3rd!  It's a great day!  Who knew?