Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 5

We’re really hitting our stride in the studio.  Yesterday, we re-worked a demo that sounded sorta lounge crooner/jazz hands-y into a David Bowie meets George Michael feel-good jam.  Shimmering 12 string acoustic, tripped out bass and synth, and did we add a second drum set?  Why yes, yes we did.  It’s my favorite track so far.  Or favourite, depending on what side your steering wheel's on.  

Jamie’s an intuitive dude, and he’s created a work environment that’s beautifully egalitarian.  Everyone’s contributing with zero ego.  When a band's successful, the tendency's to pass out gold stars and toast your collective genius with mid-level champagne.  A giant pitfall for groups who are lucky enough to stay in the game’s an inability to recognize when it’s time to evolve. 

Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, we’ve been smelling each others’ feet for a long time.  Honestly, we're complacent.  This record's not only sonically invigorating, it feels, well, right, because it’s all of us in the room building the record exactly how we build the live show.  We’re even wearing our production rehearsal tracksuits.  

I’m writing this an hour or so before the rest of the crew arrives.  Today’s going to be a long one, but there’s magic in the air.