Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 4

Jamie Lidell is a weirdo, and I mean that as the highest character endorsement.  He’s free, a genuine mad scientist, nerdily content concocting away while singing along with robotic blips and bloops from ancient synthesizers.

We’ll be playing and, in my opinion, my guitar sounds a bit safe, kinda same-y.  Turns out, in the control room, Jamie’s run my signal through some dilapidated tape machine and my guitar actually sounds like fucking Godzilla.  There’s been many a stank face during play back, which warms my heart.

Jamie also gives spot-on but satisfyingly British criticism.  We’ll do a take, and he'll be in the control room, gloriously bespectacled and disheveled, aggressively scratching his head. 

“’s a bit clever, innit?” 

He’s the only person who’s ever asked me to sound more like I’m in the Ramones while playing Al Stone Band material.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.  

We're doing good work, folks!