Quick Thoughts on a Busy Monday

I’m having a happily busy day, bouncing around from meeting to meeting, and I’ve finally found a couple minutes to write while waiting on a sandwich.  

I'm grateful for this daily newsletter- today's bananas, and I ordinarily wouldn't have taken time to breath and nourish myself.  Thank you all for subscribing and holding me accountable.    

If you’re lucky, you have lots of busy days filled with edifying conversations and inspiring challenges.  On days like these, it’s that much more important pausing the game for a moment and taking stock of the little things.  

I’m thankful for:

-Becoming better at asking for help.  

Being an independent artist can be isolating.  With limited time and even tighter budgets, we end up doing a lot on our own.  It’s easy forgetting we exist in a community of like minded people facing similar challenges.  I know I’m eager to lend an ear, offer advice and extend a helping hand, regardless of the financial reward- all you have to do is ask.  It’s tempting, and even a bit romantic, believing we operate best in a vacuum but, objectively, the realty couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m learning to trust friends and embrace my community more completely.

-Wanting to ask questions. 

There’s so much about which I’m curious and know precious little.  Rather than being ashamed or intimidated by this, I’m trying to listen more and move patiently in the world.  I’m focusing on little things.  For example, making an effort, rather than nodding along in conversation, to mention if I don’t know that band, song, author, movie, or whatever it might be.  I want to learn.

-Not having twins.  

Holy smokes, the couple next to me at the Frothy Monkey’s having a hard time.  I’m gonna buy their coffees.

I’m a work in progress, but I’m trying my best.  Thanks for taking this journey with me.  

January 15!  Hooray!