Not Famous Podcast

Excited to announce that the Not Famous Podcast rides again!  

Well, almost.  New weekly episodes starting in February.

Some background:

The Not Famous Podcast is a long-form conversation show hosted by myself and good bud Jeremy Hatcher.  With independent creatives, we discuss art, music and the role fame plays in our culture.  

Starting in April 2017, Jeremy and I produced 33 episodes in six months, learning as we went, each one better than the last.  The show built a neat cult following and became a catalyst for so much positive change in our lives.  

When Jeremy got a gig in LA with Rick Rubin last fall, we decided to put the show on hold until balance to the Force was restored.  Now, we’re rested, ready and excited to fire things back up!  

The timing for Not Famous was perfect.  In 2017, the Allen Stone crew spent most of January and February writing music for the next record, with the expectation of going into the studio in April.  The album got pushed back, Al took a solo tour with Hall and Oates and, all of sudden, I was staring at an empty calendar.  I was enjoying the ride of a lifetime with the band, but I hadn’t carved out a lane that was uniquely mine. 

Friends suggested I start a podcast, which was intimidating.  I was afraid I’d sound like an idiot (about which I'm less concerned, given that literally anyone can be elected leader of the free world, it turns out, and nut shot videos still reign supreme on YouTube).  Eventually, as I do with most things, I bounced the idea off Jeremy.  In a calming matter-of-factness only he can pull off, he said ok, we’ll start on Tuesday, then.  End of discussion.  

Nothing feels better than sharing your voice- literally, in this case- with the world and being heard.  We have a blast with Not Famous, and I'm confident you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making it.

You can subscribe on iTunes, or click here.  

January 14!  Let's goooooooooo!