Taylor vs Tool

Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” is about to unseat Taylor Swift’s “Lover” as the number one album in the country, and the Twitter feud between sixteen year olds who’ve never heard of Tool (nor should they have - Tool’s last record came out when they were in preschool) and middle-aged video game enthusiasts is more entertaining than it has any business being.

“all the old ass 30+ year old men quoting and replying to this all mad…embarrassing…go take care of ur wife and kids weirdo”

”grandpas discovered iTunes I guess”

”As Taylor Swift fans, I guess youre used to manufactured dog shit and wouldn’t know what good music is if it hit you in the face”

Etc, etc.

Laughing my ass off at a duel between demographics both still living with their parents has chewed up the majority of what was supposed to be a productive afternoon. It’s worth a Google.

(ps, both records are really good)