November 8th

There’s finally a release date for the new Allen Stone record!

“Building Balance” is out November 8th, and what a glorious Friday it’ll be.

Making records with big companies takes time.

For an album cycle to go well, record label, management, booking, touring crew, band and, of course, the guy whose name is on the ticket, need to be on the same page - green lighting a project before a consensus “ready, break!” is a recipe for bruised egos. Enter lunches, conference calls, text threads, emails in all caps, an egregious carbon footprint and, above all, compromise.

Writing for this record started almost three years ago, and by the time Nov. 8th roles around, almost two will have passed since the band hunkered down at Sound Emporium. A lot of life’s happened since then. Allen’s had his first kid. Band members have new relationships, new projects. Climb the Sky didn’t exist, and this humble newsletter was just getting started.

So, honestly, I’m as excited as you are to hear these songs. I wonder if the slightly younger, inevitably worse dressed version of myself holds up, and what new chapter unfolds.