Redefining Technology

Episode 31 of the podcast is live, featuring videographer to the stars Sean Sheetz, and one of the many things we discuss is redefining technology’s role in our lives rather than vilifying it into irrelevancy.

For example, I now write about 90% of the MoaTs on my phone. Like everyone else, I’m susceptible to insidious social media deep dives, but rather than deleting and re-downloading apps, using an app to stop an app addiction, or a myriad other anxiety-inducing traps, I decided to turn my phone into a portal through which I’m honoring a commitment to myself.

I still watch dumb crap on YouTube and feel the odd pang of envy when a buddy’s doing something cool (filtered just-so, of course), but now that I’m writing everyday on my phone - something about which I’m proud - I’m less inclined to waste entire afternoons “learning” about the Crystal Skulls.