Recklessly Impractical

We’re playing Tanglewood today, and I’m wandering around the Linde Center for Music and Learning. The grounds are stunning, a perfect environment for erstwhile, pimple-faced atonal music devotees to go ham.

There’s an idiotic attitude amongst “popular” musicians that documenting green room dick art and subsisting on cottage cheese makes you more of a badass than sitting cross-legged in the grass, running scales.

The two paths aren’t mutually exclusive (I’m proof of that) and have quite a bit in common.

Both are surreal bubbles wherein homage is payed to the brilliant artists who came before us. And the whole point is learning stuff - swaths of recklessly impractical stuff - in an environment where barely knowing how to be a person won’t get you arrested. 

Wherever your musical journey takes you, celebrate it. Be present, appreciate you have little to no idea what’s going on, and that no one worth your time does either.