William Joel

Jones Beach! It’s about as beautiful as it gets in this part of the world, and the seagulls are only medium-aggressive.

I’ve also heard “fuck” today more than the entire tour combined, a tell-tale sign we’re in Billy Joel’s homeland.

Jones Beach is “historic,” which, in venue terms, means broken. And sure, the first dozen rows or so often flood during high tide, and load out happens via an underwater tunnel (also often flooded) that makes the set of Saw feel like a bouncy castle, but hey - it’s a damn fine day for a Stromboli, and the air positively wreaks of said William Joel’s fiscal irresponsibility.

All joking aside, this is a bucket list venue for me, and I have a feeling tonight’s going to be special.

To quote the Piano Man himself, “JUST LET ME DO MY FUCKING SHOW!”