Fountain of Youth

The daily email newsletter universe it populated largely by the 4am wakeup, cold shower whack job contingent, and I get it - “discipline” has become almost porn-like in its perverse, masochistic packaging, and a bunch of weirdos currently make seven figures yelling into their phones while running, telling us how much we suck. 

I wake up closer to a gentleman’s noon, bathe at near-scorching temperatures, eat whatever the hell I like, and am disciplined in so far as I tend to do things rather than not. I’m a delicate hippy type with a laptop, about as far removed from David Goggins as it gets. 

As artists, we’re encouraged to play to type, be more marketable, or at least easier to understand. But creating for creating’s sake’s the fountain of youth.

Let’s not let the omni-present hustle and peer pressure deter us from exploring untapped potential, and having fun.