The second Climb The Sky single’s available on all platforms! 

Hero was the first song I brought to the table that really got Gideon and Gabe excited, and I think sorta sold them on being in the band.

It’s also the first song we’ve recorded that showcases their unique voices as producers and engineers, tasks I happily delegate to their fastidiousness, perfect-pitch, and photographic musical memories.

The drums, bass, lead vocal, and rhythm guitar were recorded live off the floor, and we ended up using the first take (a small point of pride for me and my, to put it charitably, developing voice).

A couple overdubs and a few hours of gleeful mad scientist-ing later and we had the finished track, along with a unified belief that this is something we absolutely should be doing, even if just to bask in some well-earned jubilance and indulge preposterous, nourishing dreams.