One of the biggest lessons the MOAT has taught me is if you want to stick to your habits, you have to commit to telling the truth. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been catching myself kinda phoning in this newsletter. Writing something everyday is therapeutic, helpful in codifying thoughts and organizing the mind, but lately I feel the exercise has become a little too vague.   

Writing to fill a quota was never the spirit behind the MOAT. In asking myself why the newsletter’s felt like a chore, I realize I need to rededicate myself to carving out consistent, uninterrupted pockets of time, sharing fragments of my mind by way of good, readable sentences.

I want to write well, not because there’s an audience (which is kinda miraculous, thank you thank you thank you), but because doing a shitty approximation of a thing makes me feel like a chump.

For a while, it was enough simply to get better by doing, but now I need a strategy and to start tweaking.