When you’re first of three on a giant tour like this one, it’s easy looking at the schedule and going wow, I have literally one hour of actual work each day.

But between making solid impressions on the other bands and crews 24/7, being inexorably polite to everyone 24/7, and staying out of people’s way while simultaneously seeing and being seen 24/7, it’s actually pretty goddamn exhausting, and our humble 30 minutes on stage feels like the only time we get to relax and be ourselves. 

So, on this day off, I’m savoring the pleasures of idleness, reminding myself how much of our perceived self-worth is intrinsically future-oriented, that our obsession with “maximizing time” yanks us from the present, makes savoring impossible and, ironically, derails productivity.  

Which is a fancy way of saying “see ya poolside.”