Buzzsaw Tone

Australian crowds are always awesome, and last night was no exception. Looking out onto a packed club in a country a VERY long way away from the nearest Waffle House never gets old.

But it was a wedge gig, and we are, in satisfying rock and/or roll fashion, terrifyingly loud on stage, so not only am I jet lagged and under-caffeinated at the time of writing, but also shell shocked, having been bludgeoned for the better part of two hours by cymbal crashes, synthesizer bleep-bloops, and a buzzsaw overdrive tone that would’ve made Lemmy from Motörhead proud. It’s taken a concerning amount of time to write 111 words, and I recognize an all-day-underpants-day when I see one.

At any rate, the point of today’s MoaT - check out our opener for this run, Louis Baker. A soul artist from Wellington, New Zealand, one of my new favorite singers, and a sweet heart of a human. Inspiring stuff.