As a working musician, you go through whatever door’s open to you, and as Allen Stone world’s been quiet lately, I find myself playing on a lot more sessions.

Sessions work a very different muscle than my typical day job(s). In Al band and Trevor land, I’m heavily invested artistically, care deeply about all involved, and am proud of the thing I’ve helped build via sweat equity and inordinate stupidity. 

In session world, I’m a guy hired to do one specific thing, and it’d be much appreciated if I bathed beforehand. The challenge, and therefore fun, lies in faking it til I make it musically, and endeavoring to find things in common with people who hold, ummm, VERY different political opinions than yours truly. Me, a bespectacled, lefty democrat, is sitting next to a bass player who is, as my mom would put it, “farther right than Genghis Khan.” An all-too-real thing here in Music City.  

Minimal faux pas so far! Just a few quick words today, more thoughts on sessions tomorrow…