Do Nothing, or Write

When it’s time for creative work, I only have one rule: I can sit here and write, I can sit here and do nothing, but I can’t sit here and do just anything.

Doing nothing is fantastic. The desk in my office faces a window looking onto the backyard, and I’ve frittered away many an hour daydreaming, watching squirrels fighting over nuts, or generally staring into space, all of which are A-OK because, eventually, doing nothing gets a touch dull. Writing’s far more entertaining, and since I’m sitting here anyway, I may as well go fishing for a tune.

Or not. Getting up and walking away after a solid mind wander is one of life’s great treasures.

But what I’m absolutely not allowed to do is scroll absentmindedly through Instagram, or FaceTime tour manager extraordinaire Ryan “Bear” Drozd, or watch Rick and Morty. All I’m allowed to do is absolutely nothing, or write.