Climb The Sky

…and the new band’s first show was SO. MUCH. FUN. The club was packed, and several MoaT readers made flatteringly long drives to catch our set, which was unexpected (obviously) and beyond cool (also, obviously). 

I’ve never wanted to be a solo artist. Singing songs I’ve written, in a band with my friends, has been a dream since I was a kid, and I’ve found it here in Nashville. I didn’t move here expecting to find it, and honestly kinda thought that ship had sailed - turns out, it’s been waiting for me in a freaking landlocked red state. Life is weird.

The band’s called Climb The Sky. Consider following us here (@climbtheskyband on Instagram, just in case the link doesn’t work). You can also listen to and buy some music, if you’d like. We’ll be adding more socials, etc in the coming weeks. 

Gabe, Gid, and I are all about not forcing CTS into becoming something it’s not ready for or meant to be - the plan’s to release singles and videos all the time, play shows as much as we can, and, as David Lee Roth puts it, go where the light shines.

I’m still processing the show itself, will share more tomorrow…