Waltzing Gremlins

Today marks the 439th day in a row I’ve written something via the MoaT.

Some posts have been objectively good. Others, sorta medium good. Some, especially more recently in my opinion, haven’t been that great. 

And yes, such is the nature of doing something everyday - you win some, you lose some, blah blah blah etc. I don’t beat myself up, not too badly anyway. 

That said, it’s interesting using the MoaT as a barometer for where I’m at. For example, I’m writing this about a half hour before the newsletter auto sends, which objectively isn’t the best timing if readable, substantive prose is the goal. My favorite time to write the MoaT is in the morning, when I’m most creative and focused. Why didn’t I write this morning, or the previous five? I’ve had the time. What’s distracting me? 

Writing the MoaT provides a daily opportunity to check in with myself, agenda free. Some days, like today, I don’t like what I find.

But just as I’ve committed to chucking a couple hundred words each day into the judgement-free embrace of the internet, so too shall I address every Gremlin as it waltzes, uninvited, into the party, armed with uncomfortable truths.