Allen Stone fans, rejoice! 

We’ve been playing “Naturally” live for over three years, and it’s finally, officially, out in the world.

I’m especially stoked that Al and the label decided to use our live recording from Studio X in Seattle - the vibe that day was magical, and it was awesome contributing to the legacy of such a historic room shortly before it was forced to close its doors permanently. Changing times can be bittersweet.

”Naturally” is very much the brainchild of Swatty and Allen. The band added the bridge and a few arrangement suggestions, but the tune was basically finished before it was brought to us. Our pals Evan Oberla and Alphonso Horne wrote some epic horn parts and, hey presto, a song is born!

The falling diatonic chords, ala Unaware (Allen), and the gentle homage to classic soul (Swat) feels quintessentially Al Stone band to me, hardening back to the 2012/2013 years of invincibility and infinite potential. 

It’s available everywhere music’s streamed, and check out the video on YouTube.