Souped-Up Muscle Cars

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I figured I’d share a few thoughts on being one year closer to yelling at “those damn kids” from my front porch, aka the dream.

When I was in my early 20’s, I thought life right about now would look a whole lot different. 

Of course, I was barely a human being in my early 20’s, and considered anything less than sold-out stadiums an abysmal failure. Which only spoke to what most people in their early 20’s lack - healthy relationships, general stability, and the self-awareness to retire that Kermit the Frog t-shirt.

With the Allen Stone project, I’ve traveled the world, playing music born from positivity and fun. In my early 20’s, that was an alien concept. I’m grateful for the Al Stone world providing the counterbalance that, prior to joining the band, I didn't realize I needed. As my focus shifts to this new, as-yet-unnamed band (we’re working on it), positivity and fun informs every decision we make, and I’m not sure I would’ve gotten there without this remarkable soul/funk detour.

While the fancy music biz stuff’s cool, and I’m grateful for being invited to the party, albeit as the hapless, Charlie Brown character, what I appreciate most is realizing how little all that matters compared to waking up everyday and dedicating myself 100% to creativity. 

I’m not rich, but have more than enough to live the humble lifestyle I prefer and focus on the work that makes me happy. It’s a pretty monastic vibe, but within that I’ve learned patience, compartmentalization, and sustainability, in the process stumbling upon something that feels more like a career than a souped-up muscle car, careening out of control.