Richard Dreyfuss

I launched my new project about a month ago. We’re already soft releasing singles, booking tours, planning an EP release, shooting videos, and have a record’s worth of tunes in the can - objectively pretty solid work for four weeks - but I can’t shake the feeling that we should be further along. 

I understand why. A month on tour, for example, can mean a couple dozen cities, thousands of fans, a multitude of interviews, hurried post-interview selfies, and homogenous hotel rooms after creaky tour bus bunks after neck-spasm-inducing, Bloody-Mary-encouraged middle seat power naps. 

It can mean famous landmarks, museums, turning down face drugs from people you recognize from billboards, and accidentally spilling coffee on Richard Dreyfuss. It can mean staying up all night drinking absinthe in Paris and performing at the US Embassy the next morning. 

Being on tour is idiotic, unsustainable, and wholly disorienting: in other words, just about perfect.

So, it can be a challenge, tempering one’s desire to live like a freaking pirate with realistic, aka boring, goals.

But I’m figuring it out. The second single’s being mastered tomorrow, and I’ll probably post it on Bandcamp later this week, just because I can. Making music and releasing it however you want feels pretty darn good.