The Art Spirit

A wonderful, and less comedically snarky, unintended consequence of writing everyday is swapping emails with interesting people, and my buddy Greg Robinson sent me these quotes from The Art Spirit by Robert Henri.

I played in a band with Greg back in Seattle, and through him met Heart’s drummer Ben Smith, who connected me with the Seattle Symphony, who in turn hired me for a bunch of freelance work. Those gigs covered my bills during a critical time, and I’m indebted to Greg for inviting me into his world, on keys no less! 


“Art when really understood is the province of every human being. It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well. It is not an outside, extra thing.”

“Art cannot be separated from life. It is the expression of the greatest need of which life is capable, and we value art not because of the skilled product, but because of its revelation of a life's experience.”