Premium Lagers

The world always seems brighter when you’ve made something that wasn’t there before.

The jet lag’s lifted enough to go fishing for songs, and it turns out there’re a couple neat verse ideas floating around in the ether in Lorne. This isn’t the trip for finishing stuff - too many premium lagers to consume and Kookaburras to outsmart (wily bastards) - but my creative engine burns cleaner on the road, and I’m confidant the next chapter of my artistic life, and likely life in general, will take shape over these coming months on tour, one lyric, one melody at a time. It’s always better doing a little everyday anyway than waiting for inspiration, that elusive and capricious sonofabitch. This newsletter’s taught me that.

It’s day three in Australia, and I’m feeling caught up, peaceful and calm. I’ve been here a bunch of times, but it’s always for work (as much as you can call what I do work) and therefore go go go go, the only option for an overseas band lucky to break even. So, I know that I love Australia, and also that I’m never not exhausted when I’m here, and I haven’t really seen that much. This time around, I’m taking long walks on the beach, followed by hipster food and a nap. I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

A couple more days in this vibey beach town, then a rock and/or roll show to play in Melbourne, which is sold out I’ve been told. But first, more premium lagers…