Radiating Outward

Yesterday was the last day of my weekly video guitar lessons. What was meant to be a short experiment turned into a year of engaged and badass students - a sincere thank you to everyone who signed up and stuck with me.

A few things I’ve learned:

Teaching isn’t a fall back plan in a tedious universe where those who can’t do languish.

Teaching isn’t a throwing in of the towel, an admission that it was a good run, but it’s really time for something sensible.

Teaching isn’t standing in front of a classroom as some authority figure.

Teaching is a being human in it’s most unadulterated form. It’s radiating outward. It’s relishing in our mutually barely hanging on.

Everyone wants to be heard. Teaching is listening.

Teaching is appreciating humility’s gravitational pull, and being open to whatever might enter our orbit.

People are cool, people are funny, and people are strange. Teaching is celebrating gloriously peculiar things.

What gets drowned out in the echo chamber of our over-active minds is how easy it is sitting down with a decent motherfucker, looking them in the eye, and sharing something you’ve learned along the way. And they’ll share something back, which really is the best part.

And, all of sudden, the world’s utterly quiet, save for the banter between curious souls.