Kindred Spirits

Fantastic day with Gideon Klein, Gabe Klein, and Trey McDermott, getting a last minute recording/video session in for new solo tunes. My plan’s to release one video and song each month while the Al Stone band’s on tour. Inspiring vibes today, reaffirming that my tunes belong in the world, however humbly.

A lot’s made of the impossibility of our industry. In previous posts, I’ve used words like “kooky” and “bizarro,” largely to assuage my own fear, but the reality’s infinitely more formidable. So much is out of our control. But what we can do is keep ourselves busy - book recording sessions, photo shoots, whatever really, with talented kindred spirits, and get to the business of telling our own story. On bad days, the previous sentence reads like a feel-good bromide, creating the illusion of my having my shit together. But on better days, like today, I feel up for anything, like the specter of uncertainty’s just a merry nomad with an ear to lend.