I was asked recently whether I plan on promoting the MoaT, and the answer’s no, not really. I like the real estate my humble daily musings occupy - it’s easy to find and subscribe to if you’re so inclined, and just as easy unsubscribing if my ramblings on sci-fi, Big Country and the rapacious nature of the music biz become unwelcome companions. 

This newsletter began as a personal accountability exercise, and that’s where it remains - by sharing a glimpse into my mind every day, I’m exponentially more courageous in being myself, which results in cooler art, which results in a happier Trevor, which results in more frequent bathing. 

As professional creatives, we can’t ignore the commercial aspect of the thing we do, but it’s important having an outlet that exists purely for itself. God forbid we do something just for the hell of it, even better if it benignly confounds.