Mancunian Accents

I'm getting better about building in down time after fly dates, just a day's worth of recalibrating before it's back to whatever is it I do exactly. In the past, I'd dismiss our recent trip to Colorado as just two short sets and a couple nights in a Best Western, but when I reflect on the totality of the experience - three major airports, dozens of unclaimed farts, trust fund hippies and wooks hacking god knows what in the vicinity of god knows who, and a tinker-bell-on-meth looking acid causality asking if she could touch my "aura," aka my genitals, I reckon an afternoon spent watching the fantastic Oasis: Supersonic documentary's well-earned (and it is fantastic, free to stream for Prime members, follow the link). 

And on the subject of Oasis, Liam Gallagher's solo album, As You Were, is surprisingly really good. Liam's known for many things - his impenetrable Mancunian accent, propensity towards public drunkenness, and general loutishness, for example - but his songwriting ability's been overshadowed by a certain Wonderwall-writing big bro. But I gotta say, I dug Liam's record from front to back, definitely worth a little Monday morning commute time.