Beyond the Lighted Stage

I watched Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage on Netflix recently, and it’s a fantastic documentary.

It comes as a surprise to literally no one that I’m a Rush fan, but I won’t waste your precious commute time evangelizing. Yes, they are nerdy and, yes, By-Tor and the Snow Dog is a dumb song. 

What’s refreshing about Rush, and what’s captured so well in this documentary, is their genuine friendship - three misfit toys who literally banded together and made whatever the hell music they felt like. They don’t take themselves too seriously, have had the same manager since the beginning, same road crew, no major fall outs, no one pickled their brain on booze - they just kept at it, one show at a time, and built an unequaled dweeb empire.

Their music isn’t for everyone, but what music is? Provided you make it with your friends, share your art, and own who you are, you're bulletproof. 



held within the pleasure dome

decreed by Kubla Khan

I will dine on honey dew

and drink the milk of paradise


I adjust my glasses in salute.