Episode 12 - We Owe You Nothing, Read the Book w/ Stevie Rees

Episode 12 of Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens is live!

Here’s the audio.

…and the video.

I met Stevie Rees on a weekend run with Dwight Yoakam. I was struck, obviously, by his absurd musicianship, and his low-key ninja/buddha insightfulness revealed itself as I gained his trust via fried chicken. Sharing the stage was a joy, and he’s a freaking legend, which you’ll soon discover.

Amazing conversations are nourishing in so many ways, and the podcast’s helped me approach songwriting with fresh perspective. I put the one take videos on hold for a while because, after weeks of being graciously invited into people’s worlds, I realized some new lyrics were bullshit. I mean, nice poems, well constructed and all that, but out of synch with my current real estate in the universe. It can be a beautiful thing, selecting all, pressing delete and starting over, an invitation for honestly to take center stage.

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