Feeling Good

These past few days have been tough. Many in my community are talking about their own mental health struggles, which is important and necessary. We’re all people, none of us perfect, and all of us have some sort of relationship with the black dog of depression.

I can’t speak to Anthony Bourdain’s demons, but I know mine all too well. I’ll spare you the gory details - it’s enough sharing that managing my mental health’s my number one priority - by far - and has been since my early 20’s.

I always carry with me a copy of Feeling Good by Dr. David D. Burns. I highly recommend this book for anybody. When I was younger, I worked through literally every page with CBT counselors - nowadays, it’s more about using specific exercises to recalibrate when I feel myself on shaky ground. 

Like I said, I highly recommend Feeling Good for anybody. Powerful stuff contained therein.