The New Allen Stone Single... out today! Warriors is available on all platforms, so stream, damn you, stream!

Warriors was cooked up by Al and producer Jamie Lidell at Jamie's home studio in Nashville. I say "home studio" like the man's using an iRig and Garageband - he's got more kooky, impenetrable tech than the Starship Enterprise. Anyway, Jamie presented the demo to the band at Sound Emporium, tasking Tyler and me to "fix the shit riff in the bridge," which we did (ie mostly Tyler). A couple piano overdubs and percussion things later and we pretty much had the track - Jamie did such a great job with the demo that we kept the rhythm guitars, lead vocals and a bunch of synth parts from the original session.

Brown Eyed Lover was co-written by the band and recorded live, whereas Warriors was a more traditional session musician experience - listen, tweak, knock out overdubs, then decimate GI tracts with hot chicken. It's a rare chemistry that makes both approaches possible, and I'm proud of what we continue building together as a band.