A Hard-Earned State of Nirvana

I’m experiencing a much needed rewiring of the brain. As a “smart” guy, thinking a bunch of moves ahead in the chess game is satisfying mental athleticism. Hey, look, I’ve figured it out! Dedicated newsletter readers know I’ve never had much success “figuring it out.” None, in fact. I mean, I’m good at elegantly connecting dots provided they follow a script unique to my bizarro monologue. Reality, as they say, is overrated. 

Historically, I’ve been ambitious to a counterproductive degree: grand plans, accompanied by zero capacity to actualize said grandiosity, resulting in crippling self-doubt. I’m releasing new music every week - I don’t know why, have zero “if this, then that” road map. Same with the podcast. I want to be listened to by as many people as possible - I’ve asked around, and no one’s told me what I’m doing makes sense with popularity as an end game. So, what am I doing, exactly? 

I can say with confidence I don't have the faintest clue...and it's a glorious, hard-earned state of nirvana. I'm finally, FINALLY not overthinking myself into paralysis! The universe may be opaque and unforgiving, but I trust it's unfolding as it should.