This Foolhardy Path

A career in music makes you appreciative of how goddamn lucky you are to be doing things like in the picture below. You also appreciate impermanence - it is, in fact, miraculous, playing G-C-D for a living, and it won't last forever. Nothing does. This band was never supposed to happen. On paper, it doesn't make a lick of sense. Obstacles we've overcome, and there've been many, have derailed groups far more talented. Others far less so have catapulted to stardom, much to the flattering dismay of diehard fans.

I cherish this business's sphinx-like enigma - I really wouldn't have it any other way. That I'm this well suited to life in a glorified lunatic asylum is a badge of honor I wear proudly, even if it mostly terrifies potential romantic partners. I'm grateful for every kooky, knuckle-headed, baffling decision that's led me down this foolhardy path. I'd have made a shitty actuary, anyway.